Pupil Premium


Pupil Premium Grant 2017 -18


Pupil Premium is additional government funding to raise the attainment of disadvantaged pupils of all abilities and to close the gaps between them and their peers. Funding is received for each pupil who has been in receipt of Free School Meals (FSM) during the last six years, or is, or has been, a Looked-After Child by an English Local Authority (LAC) or a child from a service family.

For the current academic year, the Pupil Premium Grant is broken down as follows:

            FSM                          £1320

            LAC                           £1900

            Service Children     £300

In 2017-18 our pupil premium grant totals £15,680 to support 11 children, representing 7% of pupils.

Barriers to educational achievement

1. Language: some pupils have moderate to severe language delay.

2. Cognition and learning: a high proportion (45%) of pupils in receipt of pupil premium are also on the SEN register. These pupils are working below age-related expectations in reading, writing and mathematics.

3. Emotional and social needs.

Pupil Premium Strategy

At the heart of our pupil premium strategy is a whole-school ethos of attainment for all. Quality First Teaching, high expectations and good behaviour for learning are the essential ingredients for not only pupils eligible for pupil premium, but all pupils.

Alongside this, the following provision and support will be put in place for applicable pupils:

Learning difficulties

Language support

Clicker 7 and Clicker Docs App to support writing

Lexia Reading

Mathematics interventions: Dynamo Maths; Plus 1; Power of 2; Success@Arithmetic

Planning to incorporate specific actions to support vulnerable pupils

1:1 reading

Small group work and focus groups to target specific areas of academic weakness

Emotional and social difficulties

Sensory garden

Social, emotional and well-being support

Secondary School Transition programme

Sensory circuits

Individual Behaviour Plans

Holiday Play Scheme

Breakfast Club

Peripatetic Music Lessons


Food, equipment, clubs, swimming, trips and excursion contributions

Evidencing the Impact

The impact of this year’s Pupil Premium will be assessed by September 2018 and measured against statutory assessment results, teacher assessments for reading, writing and maths, Lexia assessments, as well as Boxall Profiles and Language Link standardised scores.